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Welcome to Eco-Chimes. An eco-friendly glass art form designed to inspire.


We have now moved on to smaller and less expensive creations utilizing a kiln to fuse and slump most of the glass we now use.

We are now making smaller wind chimes and Jewelry!

Wind Chimes


A slumped Coke bottle is the central point of this chime.


This is the first of the "Black Beauty" Series

A coke bottle that has been slumped.  It has green kiln fired pieces for a rich and unique sound.


Welcome to Eco-Chimes new line of "FREEFORM JEWELRY".   We are now making a collection of pendants and necklaces that come from our kiln without molds, insuring that each one is unique.

"FreeForm Jewelry"



Our wooden necklaces and pendants feature one of a kind "Northwest Exotic Woods" that come from our own property.  Each is beautiful and unique.

About Us

Recycled Glass taken to new heights.


10 years of stunning products - all original.

Generate excitement


Windchimes custom made in choice of colors.

Follow your heart, see and hear your soul.


Special Orders welcome or choose from our ever changing inventory.


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165 Hendrickson Rd., Vader, WA 98593, US

(360) 295-3488